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3 Month Coaching Container

What You Can Expect:
By working One-on-One with me, you will learn the tools and framework to balance your emotions and step into your true aligned essence and power. Through energetic healing, Ancient Taoist healing meditations and modalities and connection to the body, you will create a deep connection to your sensuality and sexuality, and work to end any body image issues for good. By creating a safe space to work through any specific issues you wish to resolve, all spectrums of emotionality can be fully seen and heard. You will discover the root of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential and learn how to become your own self healer. It’s time to level up to your highest evolved self!
What’s Included:
– One 60 Minute Personal Power Activation Call
– One Reiki Energy Session per month (In Person or Virtual)
– Working One-on-One directly with me (Brittany)
– Additional support as needed through text and phone between coaching sessions
– Access to Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation videos you can access for life
– Three 30 Minute Online Coaching Sessions per month
How Do You Know If Coaching with Me is Right for You?
– You’re struggling to fully accept your body
– You desire to deepen and define your relationships with yourself and others
– You want deeper intimacy in both romantic and platonic relationships
– You want to become intimate with your body and truth
– You’re feeling unaligned with your purpose
– You find yourself stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors
– You want to connect deeper with your spirituality and higher self
– You’re craving to connect deeply to your sexuality and pure essence as a woman
– You want to listen to your body and love it unconditionally
– You’re feeling as though you’ve lost your passion for life and want to make it juicer

Intensive Session - $275

What You Can Expect:
This is a 2 hour long session consisting of 1 hour coaching and guidance in whatever area you desire and 1 hour of energy balancing using reiki and intuitive hands on touch. You will leave feeling relaxed, nourished, and balanced in your body and mind. This is a safe space to discuss and untangle a current and relevant un-alignment in your life. We will get to the root cause of the issue at hand. Create this sacred space for yourself to be held and supported, experience the healing power of reiki and touch, and bring light to your shadows to transform and transcend through these ancient tantric practices. You will go home with the tools and framework you can use in everyday life. This looks like being able to access internal resourcing and space to really understand yourself and become your own healer. 
This offering is for you if:
– You’re looking for someone to talk to but also want to explore alternative healings 
– Struggle with body image 
– Struggle with feeling safe in your body
– Live your life pleasing others and putting their needs before your own
– Experience low self -worth 
– Have a hard time relating to others and maintaining healthy relationships 
– Want to understand your body and spirit in a deeper way to connect with self 
* In person or online sessions available *

Reiki Energy Session - $150 in Person | $125 Online

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality using universal life force energy and hands on touch to gently align and balance your chakras and energy to your highest good. My sessions are relaxing, intuitive and something that must be experienced to fully understand.

Reiki is one of my favorite healing modalities because of its simple nature and deep wisdom that your body holds and has access to. I wish to guide you deeper into yourself, your truth, and your unique powerful essence.
What you can expect during a Reiki Energy Session:
– A deep relaxing state
– Heat or coolness flowing through the body 
– Energetic shifts both during and post treatment 
– Guidance and discussion of any subject you would like to work on through the session
– Downloads, visions, or guidance from spirit experienced after the session

Private Guided Yoga - $150 in Person | $125 Online

My sessions include guiding you into your body and breath to work through not only asanas but meditations, Reiki, and personal guidance in whatever may come up within the practice. A solo session is the perfect combination of all my offerings into one. You will move physical and emotional energy while exploring yoga and tapping into your spiritual higher self.

In-Studio Classes

Join me at one of my studio classes, I can’t wait to flow with you! I am currently located in Toronto, click the button below to look at the class schedule and sign up! 

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Client Testimonials

“Our body is a piece of art which must be taken care of, protected, and we must walk through life being proud of our body. Be proud of where our bodies have taken us- for within them they carry a story and a bright purpose.”

“Our body is a piece of art which must be taken care of, protected, and we must walk through life being proud of our body. Be proud of where our bodies have taken us- for within them they carry a story and a bright purpose.”

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